The Christmas It is the most celebrated holiday in the world. During this magical time, people praise the birth of the baby Jesus as they share, pray and reflect.

With the arrival of December, the enthusiasts begin counting down the days until Christmas Eve. In this sense, Google takes another step forward and surprises by showing details of the season every time a user goes to its famous search engine with the question “How long until Christmas”, reports Marca.

What happens when you type into Google “how long until Christmas?”

In addition to displaying the number of days remaining until the important celebration, will show a gift which is located at the top right of the screen. When you click on it, the magic begins.

At the top right of the screen you will see a gift box | Photo: Google Capture

Santa Claus game on Google

To the click on the gift boxthe user opens a new section called “Follow Sinterklaas” offering a variety of activities that allow you to explore, play and learn with Santa’s elves throughout the month of December. The countdown is highlighted at the top right.

Below the options is a red button that commands to play; Pressing it randomly will activate a Christmas-related game. There you can dress up an elf, take care of Santa Claus for a selfie, catch presents, paint and do puzzles, details El Economista.

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In addition to all that, the page created by Google also offers the option to enjoy a series of short films with stories about Christmas. But it doesn’t stop there, because those who want can also learn popular words and phrases in other languages ​​related to this celebration.

He game about guessing land locations on a world map allows the user to strengthen their knowledge of geography while having fun.

If the person wishes, he or she can also install the ‘Follow Santa’ application on his computer or mobile phone.