The famous actress Itziar Castro He has died at the age of 46. According to the information provided by the film director Frankie Leonardisthe actress died on the night of this Thursday, December 7.

The interpreter went to the burning chapel of her “friend and reference”“, Concha Velasco on December 2nd to say goodbye to her. “It has been very important to me. Because of her I am an artist. When she was three years old, she saw her and sang ‘Mom, I want to be an artist,'” she said.

“Every time I met her she said to me: ‘What good actress are you’. She knew what I loved her so much“Castro declared, visibly affected and excited, before the media.

“With an outstanding career in the entertainment industry, Castro left an indelible mark with his notable performance and charisma,” said De Leonardis on his X account. Those close to the actress, known for her roles in ‘Champions’ or ‘ Paquita Salas’, they assume with disbelief the news on social networks.