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UPC TV and Internet do not work.  “Crash in progress”

UPC TV and Internet do not work. “Crash in progress”

UPC TV users may have problems with TV and Internet operation. Play informs about a failure, the repair of which may take several hours.

Reports received on the .pl portal show that the problems started around 5:00. The peak came a few hours later, when more Poles woke up and wanted to watch TV. Around 8:00, almost 5,000 people reported problems with Play services. The reports concerned television, fixed-line internet and lack of signal. However, the vast majority concerns the former. Error 1001 is to be displayed on TV screens. These are devices operated by UPC Polska, a subsidiary of Play, for digital television and the Internet.

Play – crashes reported in the last 24 hours

UPC TV does not work. “Crash in progress”

According to the information provided on the Play website and by consultants on hotlines, the problem should be fixed in a few hours. “There is a blackout in your area. Estimated time of removal is 11:00,” we read in the message. It is displayed to users all over Poland. It is reported by residents of Piaseczno, Kielce, Warsaw and Kraków. Information about the failure can be checked on the website [].

Play has disabled another UPC Polska service.

By the way, let us remind you that Play closed another UPC Polska service at the end of November. This is the UPC Connect application. This is a useful application for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS that allows you to conveniently control your home Wi-Fi network. Previously, the network disabled the Wi-Free service, which allows UPC Polska subscribers to use the Internet outside their home, even if they do not have an appropriate data limit in their mobile subscription. The user only needs to be within the range of UPC’s Wi-Fi network to use the network and save mobile data.

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