Perhaps because they have seen names of countries like Kenya, Kazakhstan and Kuwait on globes and maps, no one, absolutely no one, has warned about the existence or otherwise of a ‘state’ called Kailasa.

Yes, Kailasa. At least two men arrived in Paraguay to invent that country and the last straw was that they managed to obtain signatures of the agreements.

It’s a shame, Paraguayans criticize. “A blunder.” This is how one of the signatories of an agreement described it: the mayor of the María Antonia neighborhood, Luis Carlos Ledezma Agüero. In Paraguay there is a scandal over this issue that goes beyond mere ignorance.

According to ABC, Ledezma acknowledged the fact and offered his version of how the signing came about, a fact highlighted by the press itself as input to turn into memes.

There are photos of the signing ceremony, which have increased the tone of criticism and headlines: “We signed an agreement with a country that does not exist.” What did it cost Google, they wonder at NPY, a television factory.

What happened to Kailasa

“What really happened between the executive, legislative and municipal authorities was a shame because they allowed themselves to be fooled,” was reported on November 30, 2023 in an NPY information room.

They reported receiving in Paraguay representatives from a country called the United States of Kailasa, which does not exist; and whose leader – they assured – “is wanted over cases of sexual abuse in India.”

The official Ledezma said, according to what was published in ABC, that the signing of the agreement was because of “the needs that the population has.”

He pointed out that contact with Kailasa’s “visitors” was through an advisory official to the National Congress, whom they identified as Fidelino Morínigo.

“He was a city manager,” he said. He explained to that medium that Morínigo told him he had people who could help him when Ledezma uploaded a message to his networks about the consequences of the floods.

The alleged representatives of Kailasa ‘fled’ from Paraguay. They left the hotel where they were staying and NPY acknowledges that they left “because there was no warrant for their arrest.” That medium presented videos of the test subjects leaving the hotel and no longer wearing their robes. They left in a taxi.

Who lost his position after signing with Kailasa

Arnaldo Chamorro, chief of staff of Paraguay’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, lost his position. He was fired when it became known that he had signed an agreement with representatives of the non-existent country ‘United States of Kailasa’, El Debate reported.

“They came and expressed their intention to help Paraguay. They brought different projects, they came to offer their help, we listened to them and that’s what happened,” Chamorro said.

According to publications collected by that medium, Chamorro signed a proclamation on the agreement with Kailasa on October 16, 2023.

The alleged emissaries said that “Kailasa was on an island in South America.”

The fake nation – as they now call it on networks – “would, according to the press, be led by a guru from India, Nithyananda Paramashivam, a fugitive from justice in his country and expanded by El Debate.

The representatives of the country that does not exist met with the Paraguayan Minister of Agriculture, the same medium continued.

During meetings with Paraguayans, it was proposed to consider what was relevant to “activate the establishment of diplomatic relations between Paraguay and Kailasa and promote its recognition by the United Nations as an independent state.”

The ‘founder’ of Kailasa

Nithyananda Paramashivam is the alleged founder of Kailasa, “a self-styled guru, a fugitive from Indian justice, accused of sexual abuse.” They allegedly arrested him once for that crime.

Photo: PanoSupport

A document dated October 16, 2023 states that Kailasa is “a nation of an enlightened Hindu civilization, established to serve the religious and spiritual needs of people.” two billion Hindus and of all humanity and all beings,” published BBC Mundo.

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The alleged leader reportedly said in 2019 that he had purchased an island off the coast of Ecuador and founded a new country called Kailasa.

BBC Mundo reported at the time that Ecuador denied he was on its territory, saying that “Nithyananda has not been granted asylum by Ecuador, nor has he been assisted by the Ecuadorian government.”

This person ‘founded his ashram – a place for Hindu meditation and education – in 2003 in Bidadi, a city in southern India, near Bangalore.’

Shortly afterwards, the BBC added, “it opened a branch in Los Angeles, United States, under the name Life Bliss Foundation.” Then came the allegations of alleged sexual abuse.