After four hours of discussion in the National Council for Work and Wages, no agreement was reached regarding the definition of the wage increase, so the Government will now make a decision on it.

The workers proposed to increase the salary by 100 dollars, from 450 to 550. When leaving the last meeting, they had to reach a consensus with the employers’ representatives, they indicated that the other side did not even agree to an increase of 25 dollars, which was planned. in the previous regime that ended last week.

Workers: If the basic salary is not raised by at least $25, “this government would be worse than Las, employers are ready for that”

The manufacturing sectors represented in the National Wage Council requested that the technical parameters for determining the basic wage for 2024 be followed, and that in this way the increase will correspond to $4.12.

The president of the Ecuadorian Confederation of Free Trade Union Organizations (Ceosl), Marcela Arellano, before entering the meeting, commented that if a consensus is not reached now, the decision on the increase will be made by the Ministry of Labor and that in that case, if the wage increase of $25 is not applied, as in the previous two years “this Government would be worse than (Guillermo) Lasso, Lasso proposed and adhered to while he was not in the government. Employers were ready for that, to at least raise $25.”

After leaving the session, the employers’ representatives commented that, according to the rulebook, the increase cannot be higher than inflation, that is, it cannot reach 25 dollars. (AND)