Cristóbal, a young man from El Salvador, has managed to move many people on social networks with a dance, especially on TikTok. The boy joins his fellow graduates in dancing with their partners to celebrate the end of a student cycle.

Cristóbal has chosen his girl very well and although he seems a bit dejected, he has given a great lesson in infinite love: Cristóbal dances with the portrait of his recently deceased mother.

Everyone moves to the rhythm of a waltz and the magical moment was captured, said El Universal user @carmensegovia785. It was she who broadcast the video recorded on a sports field.

We see the boy in the center of the makeshift dance floor, hugging the large portrait of his mother as he continues to mark the steps of the waltz.

But Cristóbal was as strong as he could be, as Roberto Moreira points out. The graduate starts to cry and those present applaud even louder.

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Solidarity on social networks

“Bravo, champion, you are the pride of your mother,” Javier wrote to him. While Patricia Astorga commented: “Your mother is very proud of you. You have to be strong, if you see that you are crying, she will cry. Take courage, my king.”

Jocelyn Chacón confessed that tears came over her and said: “I am a mother, my son’s name is Cristóbal and I can’t stop crying when I watch this (viral video), you don’t know what fate will bring us. “

“He broke my heart. I admire you so much, you are very brave to dance with your mother’s photo. Blessings and good luck,” said Griselda Elas.

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Christopher’s response

The student thanked those who sent him messages of solidarity and love.

Cristóbal, from the TikTok account @tribilin_ (where the profile shows him with his mother’s photo) said: “I was surprised, I was not aware of this video. (I want to) thank all people for their nice words”.

In five days, his response received more than 14,400 likes.

Guadalupe Castro asked him to believe that his mother actually danced with him.

Carmen Segovia, who distributed the video, said she loved and admired him very much. He emphasized his courage and that he graduated with honors.

-Tell me they hugged him afterward, said Chepe Alianza.

-Yes, all his companions, Segovia replied.

Other users indicated that the parent will always be by their side. They also felt it was a pity that there are children who do not appreciate their mother in life. And @Sasr300805 declared: “Your son did it, mom.”