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Neonet explains himself.  There is a bankruptcy petition, but only “just in case.”  What about customers?

Neonet explains himself. There is a bankruptcy petition, but only “just in case.” What about customers?

Neonet confirmed the media report about filing for bankruptcy. He argues that he did it “just in case” and bankruptcy will probably not happen. At the same time, the chain admits that it has liquidity problems.

. The media, including, noticed this and described the network’s problems. In response, he issued a statement stating that “the purpose of the submitted application is not to start bankruptcy proceedings.” However, he admits that he submitted such a request. “This step was taken only in case no consensus was reached between the Company and its contractors during the priority restructuring proceedings,” we read. However, Neonet argues that it does not assume such a scenario.

Neonet files for bankruptcy, but only “just in case”

The day before filing for bankruptcy, the chain actually filed the restructuring application in question. In accordance with applicable regulations, the application to open restructuring proceedings is considered first. Therefore, according to the management board, this “clearly demonstrates the company’s will to solve the current difficulties as quickly and effectively as possible.” In the statement, the company admits that it has liquidity problems.

“Recognizing the existing threats and acting to ensure the continuity of purchases made by customers, the Management Board of Neonet is convinced that the restructuring proceedings are an appropriate form of healing the existing situation,” we read further in the statement. At the same time, the company emphasizes that several independent factors led to this, including: current situation on the household appliances, electronics, GSM and IT market.

The mentioned restructuring proposal is intended to “reorganize the company and focus it on solving current difficulties and enabling further business development in the subsequent quarters of 2024.” The management board’s determination to recover and continue operating the business was assured.

Neonet stores will continue to operate

At the same time, Neonet argues that the restructuring process should not affect customers. “No Neonet customer will experience difficulties and problems in shopping and servicing current and future orders made in stationary and online stores,” we read. Stationary and online stores will continue to operate. Customers also still have the right to make a complaint or return the purchased goods.

Source: Gazeta

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