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Lipstick with glitter for PLN 129 is conquering the Internet.  At Rossmann and Douglas you will find cheaper alternatives

Lipstick with glitter for PLN 129 is conquering the Internet. At Rossmann and Douglas you will find cheaper alternatives

When putting together outfits for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, not only the outfit is important, but also the makeup. This year, the most fashionable make-up is the one made with glitter lipstick. The MAC model sold out like hot cakes, but at Rossmann and Douglas you will find replacements at bargain prices.

MAC’s glitter lipstick quickly became an Instagram hit. All women fell in love with the Taste for Bubbles shade (champagne color with a pearl pink shine). The viral lipstick costs PLN 129 and is so popular that buying it is almost impossible. Fortunately, drugstores now have products that will help you achieve an equally spectacular effect.

Glitter lipstick. Perfect for New Year’s Eve

A MAC lipstick test – Fizzy Feels Lip Balm – appeared on the Instagram profile of user @miabgalvan. Mia admitted she was on the hunt for it last year, but it was sold out everywhere. First, Galvan lightly outlined her lips with lip liner and then applied lipstick. One stroke was enough for the lips to be covered with glitter and start to shine beautifully. The woman said that the formula of the lipstick is so smooth that you can easily wear it every day.

So cute! Please let’s wear glitter lipsticks all season long!

– she signed the video.

Rossmann: lipstick. The “wow” effect is guaranteed

Wibo glitter lipstick is available in the Rossmann store. There are three color variants to choose from. This is a special Christmas collection, so the lipstick will be the perfect addition to Christmas Eve. It shimmers beautifully and at the same time makes the lips smooth and soft. Additionally, the pearl effect optically enlarges them.

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Douglas: lip gloss. Now you can buy it on sale

NYX glitter lip gloss can be found in Douglas drugstores. It comes in 27 shades with three different finishes: shiny, shimmering and glitter.

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Cosmetics with glitter will be useful not only during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They will be perfect for any special event. However, it is worth remembering that if you decide on very shiny lips, the eyes should only be slightly highlighted. Then the effect will be most spectacular.

Source: Gazeta

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