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A gift for a 3-year-old, 3-year-old and younger children?  We recommend the most interesting books – only new ones

A gift for a 3-year-old, 3-year-old and younger children? We recommend the most interesting books – only new ones

Books as a gift for a 3-year-old or maybe for even smaller children? But of course! We recommend the most interesting news for children.

Anna Kowal (): I simply have to start this list with Pucio. Children’s favorite hero returns in a book “Pucio is cleaning up” by Marta Galewska-Kustra (Nasza Księgarnia). Pucio and Misia’s room is quite a mess! Fortunately, dad comes to help. But how can you focus on cleaning if you constantly find long-lost toys that need to be handled at least for a while? play for a while? Will the room finally be cleaned? Or will our heroes make even more mess?

I also recommend “Pucio. Speech therapy language memo” (Nasza Księgarnia). In addition to the traditional game, we get a set of speech therapy exercises, so important for the correct pronunciation of sounds – in the form of fantastic fun! In the pictures you will see Pucio and his family members performing various interesting activities. They encourage you to practice your language skills in a fun way. referring to what we see in the illustrations. In the box you will find detailed instructions on how to complete each task while still having fun.

Not only Pucio. Gift books for 3-year-olds and toddlers. We also have puzzles

Ryszard Kozik ():Bookcase. First 100 words” (Czuczu) is an educational set consisting of two harmonica books full of beautiful illustrations. Here you will find objects from the immediate surroundings, animals, vehicles, weather phenomena and delicacies. Looking at the illustrations together and talking about them perfectly supports the development of speech, senses and logical thinking and builds a unique bond. Lots of ideas for playing with the book can be found in the guide included in the set.

Puzzle for a couple. Wild animals“, “Puzzle for a couple. First words” (Czuczu) are sets containing 18 large puzzles that are perfect as the first puzzle with traditional connection. Playing with puzzles allows you to develop hand-eye coordination, a keen eye and inspires you to learn new words and gain knowledge. You can start playing with individual puzzles and gradually increase their number.

Marta Korycka (): My children are older now, but I recently gave my niece the adventures of two little dragons. “Maciuś and Leon want a new toy” Whether “Maciuś and Leon are driving” by Katarzyna Wierzbicka (Zielona Sowa) are short, illustrated adventures of dragon siblings, which are written in the spirit of close parenting. Both Maciuś and Leon quickly gained the sympathy of the three-year-old.

Richard: “Potato on a bike“, “It has to be the way I want it!” and “Eat!!!” Elise Gravel (Two Sisters) are cardboard books intended for children over 2 years of age. We have simple and expressive pictures, and the repeated dialogues will certainly interest your children. “Potato on a Bicycle” will certainly make children laugh, because how can you not laugh, when do you see a carrot taking a bath, a tomato singing or a sausage reading a book? “It has to be the way I want it to be!” is a story about a little monster who has many wishes that are difficult to fulfill. Fortunately, the big monster knows that even if he is not able to fulfill the toddler’s dreams, he can give him a big hug that will immediately improves your mood. “Eeee!!!” – cries the little monster. What would you like to eat when your stomach growls a lot? A big slice of pizza! What if he’s still hungry? He’ll eat the plate… and then the table and the fridge… and then?

Anna: Are there any Jadzia Pętelka fans here? Definitely! So we hasten to inform you that “Jadzia Pętelka goes to the dentist” (Barbara Supeł, Zielona Sowa). It’s time for a periodic dental check-up, so the entire Pętelek family goes to the dentist. Fortunately, the doctor is very nice and explains everything thoroughly. She puts a blue filling in Staś’s tooth. Jadzia would like to have exactly the same one!

Richard: “The Smurfs. Fairy tales 5 minutes before bed” (Harper Kids Polska) is a collection of eight short stories written in simple language about the adventures of the Smurfs. The stories, created based on new episodes of the animated series, will allow your children to get used to everyday reading, calm your child down before going to bed and help them fall asleep. will be a pleasure.

Anna: You and your little ones will definitely like it”Zuchosaurus” Rachel Bright, Chris Chatterton (Green Owl). Zuchosaurus gets his first bike and can’t wait to start the big race. He gets on the saddle and starts… but the vehicle wobbles a lot and the little one falls to the ground. He gets on the bike again and … ouch! He’s falling again. When little Zuchosaurus is ready to give up, grandma explains to him that when you do something for the first time, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. The beginnings are often difficult, but the most important thing is to try.

Ryszard: Have you ever wondered how many colors the world is made of? It would be difficult to count them, let alone fit them into one book! But you can choose the ten most popular ones! These are: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown and black. While looking at the bookLet me tell you about the colors, mom” Ola Woldańska-Płocińska (Nasza Księgarnia), you can tell the most fanciful stories you can think of! Moreover, there are eight mischievous mice hidden on each page. Will you be able to find them all?

Anna: Do you know Bluey and Bingo? If so, HarperKids has something for you. Books “Meet Bingo” and “Meet Bluey” will be a perfect gift both for loyal fans of the fairy tale and for those who are just getting to know our heroines. You will learn from them what Bingo and Bluey like to do, what they often play, what they are good at, but also what behaviors they have problem. There is also a presentation of the girls’ closest family. You will certainly have a great time reading these short stories, but you will also find there some ideas for great fun with your little ones.

Ryszard: And finally, from me, “Puzzle. What do we do at home?” (Czuczu). It is a colorful and large puzzle consisting of 24 elements. It shows four home rooms: children’s room, bathroom, living room and kitchen. But it is not everything! The set includes 32 selected items from each room that are placed on additional tiles. This allows for a lot of fascinating and comprehensively developing games, and ideas for them can be found in the guide included with the puzzle.

And already in a winter climate

Anna: I add books to reading together “Felek and Tola and cleaning” and “Felek and Tola and snow” Sylvia Vanden Heedge (Two Sisters). The adventures of Felek the fox and Tola the bunny will be perfect for the youngest readers. First, we will go out to play in the first snow – we will build a snowman, run, roll in the snow… but Henio doesn’t want to play, he says, that it’s too cold. But can it be too cold to play in the snow? When spring is approaching, our heroes decide to do a big house cleaning. It turns out they have a lot of unnecessary things… what to do with them? Will Henio, the eagle owl, help in getting rid of unnecessary things? from home?

Marta: And two more books in a winter atmosphere. “Winter day. Pola and Piotruś” Camilla Reid (Oriole) seems to be a warm story, despite the time described. And despite the topic, because Pola and Piotruś argue whether to build a snowman with the head of a mouse or a rabbit. How will they get out of the situation? Unfortunately, I don’t know, because “I read ” only a few pages have been shared, but I’ll be happy to check them out. I was attracted by the atmosphere of the illustrations.

The second item that I recommend blindly, but with the conviction that it is worth it (I have already read many of the author’s previous books), is “Jano and Wito are learning to speak. Red cap” by Wiola Wołoszyn with illustrations by Przemek Liput (Mamania). Here the “heroine” is “cz”, so the book will be able to accompany little ones for several years. After all, older preschoolers are also just improving their speech.

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