The name of David Fuller causes outrage and disgust. In a hospital in Great Britain where he worked, he sexually abused hundreds of corpses without anyone suspecting it.

Fuller doesn’t just practice necrophilia. They call him a murderer and a crook. As local media recalls, EFE reported, Fuller beat and strangled two women to death: Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, before sexually assaulting both. The events, which date back to 1987, were two separate attacks.

The person concerned was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2021 and is again in the news because of a gruesome act: “he raped the lifeless bodies of more than 100 women and girls in the morgue of the hospital where he worked for fifteen years”.

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How could a hospital worker misuse so many corpses?

The EFE agency reported on November 29, 2023 that “an independent investigation in the United Kingdom has found that years of “systemic procedural failures” at a public hospital allowed an electrician, later convicted of murder, to sexually assault the bodies of women and girls to abuse. ”

They noted on Antena 3 that “one of Fuller’s duties was to perform maintenance on the morgue’s cooling system.”

According to the report, he entered the warehouse “up to 444 times” in one year. And even worse: “he was never properly interrogated.”

Fuller, a sixty-year-old, apparently selected his victims in that shadowy room by consulting the reports of the deceased and I avoided choosing those who died of infection or Covid-19″, the Spanish media said.

Discovered after a raid on his house

They arrested him three years ago. According to EFE, police “unmasked him when they found photos and videos documenting his abuse during a search of his home.”

The raid on the house, located in the English county of East Sussex, took place as investigations were underway into involvement in a double murder case.

During the operation, “the agents found 818,051 images and 504 videos of the subject’s abuse, who recorded himself committing necrophilia in the morgue of the hospital where he worked.”

Antena 3 also explained that the subject worked ‘in the morgues of two hospitals in the south east of England’.

The disturbing discovery prompted the British government to order “an investigation to clarify how Fuller was able to commit the crimes for so long without arousing suspicion,” EFE reported.

“This is scandalous”

The research found that there were “deficiencies in management, governance, regulations and processes and a persistent lack of curiosity. “That helped create the environment where he could bond with them.”

He is said to have brazenly committed his crimes during his working hours, while other employees were at their jobs.

Antena 3 when we talk about the report

Fuller is accused of “committing 140 violations against the bodies of at least 101 girls and women – between the ages of 9 and 100 – between 2005 and 2020.”

“The crimes committed by David Fuller are truly outrageous,” said the report, published by Antena 3.

What’s next for David Fuller? Spanish media said that “to the life sentence without the possibility of parole he is serving for the two murders, a prison sentence of 12 years will be added for the cases of necrophilia.” (JO)