One more elimination challenge, one less chef. Tonight the chefs were allowed to prepare a dish to their own taste, which reminds them of something or someone. There were two that did not meet expectations, two very different dishes. Yilda Banchón presented some undercooked fries and Alberto presented a poorly made sango.

Her dish was intended for her mother-in-law because she has lived under her roof since her widowhood and the dish reminds her of her and her father-in-law’s preparations. “There is a beautiful song that says good people are not buried, they are planted and he is a tree,” she said through tears.

“The first time I enter what is now my wife’s house, I feel like a sango and I feel like family. Unfortunately, I come from a house that broke down when I was five years old. “My mother-in-law prepares this dish,” he explained.

One of the comments the dish received was the lack of color because it contained a lot of tomato, making it a red sango. Users on social networks are unhappy with her departure, as they expected Yilda to leave.

However, Irene pointed out that his departure is good news for Ecuadorians, as he returns to the screens to serve as a sports narrator. “To all the athletes who made me smile, today I see you again, because the truth is that I missed you very much,” he said. Alberto said goodbye to the kitchens and narrated a football match.