The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukeleasked Congress this Thursday for a leave of absence during his final six months in office to launch his re-election campaign in the February elections, boosted in popularity by his war on gangs.

A government letter to Congress asks: “to grant a permit” to Bukele and Vice President Félix Ulloa from December 1 to dedicate themselves to the election campaignwhich they are favorite according to surveys.

The National Assembly, dominated by the ruling party, is expected to approve the request on Thursday evening and appoint the replacements, details AFP.

The license applied for by Bukele and Ulloa runs from Friday to May 31, 2024the end date of their five-year terms, said ruling party Congress chairman Ernesto Castro.

After reading the letter with the request, the deputies started a debate on the request, but no surprises are predicted in the vote in the General Assembly.

In September 2021, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, through an interpretation of the Constitution, enabled Bukele to stand for re-electionsparking controversy among opposition sectors who consider the ruling ‘unconstitutional’.