Álvaro Noboa Valbonesi sounds like a serious name with an important lineage, but at two years old he evokes nothing but tenderness. Little Alvarito has taken the social media by storm because of the latest comedy episode he did in front of the cameras.

The purple color was a constant at the presidential inauguration events: Alvarito, son of President Noboa, lost his shoe on the red carpet

Since his father went to the second round of the presidential elections, the little boy has gained more and more importance, and several times the cameras have recorded him causing a funny scene. Starting with the presidential inauguration, last Wednesday, when he showed up without shoes, but with socks. He lost his shoes upon entering the Assembly, during the honorary red carpet.

Another moment that went viral was when he clapped while the national anthem was being played and started moving his hands to the rhythm of the tune, standing out as the one who enjoyed the festive event the most.

Now, Alvarito is gaining popularity again due to his arrival in Guayaquil this afternoon. The little boy was getting out of the presidential plane with his bodyguard, who grabbed his hands in the air. Behind him was his mother Lavinia Valbonesi, who was used to these gentle behaviors of the little one.

Many are beginning to compare the attitude of the little boy with the attitude of his grandfather, who made Ecuadorians laugh more than once with his behavior, for example, when he said: “Ecuadorians, chaos is happening”, or when she posed at the sea for a video even though a hurricane was approaching .