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It is often the last cosmetic we use in the evening.  Does micellar water need to be washed off?

It is often the last cosmetic we use in the evening. Does micellar water need to be washed off?

Most women have micellar water at home. We use it to remove make-up and remove excess sebum. After applying it to a cotton pad and washing our face, should we also wash it with water?

Micellar fluid is a gentle facial cleanser. The particles contained in it absorb fat and other impurities. The cosmetic is very good for removing makeup because it can even remove colorful eye shadows or large amounts of foundation. It becomes clean and refreshed in a few minutes.

How to wash micellar water? Water alone may not be enough

Micellar fluid can be used both in the morning and in the evening. It may be the first stage, but not the last. Many people only use it to cleanse their skin, which is a mistake. After applying the cosmetic on a cotton pad and washing your face with it, first of all, you should rinse it with water.

It is best to additionally wash your face with foam or gel. Then use a tonic to balance the skin’s pH, and finally cover your face with a moisturizing cream. Only then can the care be considered completed and performed correctly. If you leave unwashed micellar fluid on your skin, your face will only appear clean.

Does micellar water need to be washed off? Svetlana Parnikova/iStock

Why do you need to wash off micellar water? This is an important stage of care

The micelles contained in the micellar liquid effectively dissolve impurities, but they are surfactants that should not be left on the skin. They may irritate the skin, resulting in a dry and red face. If you only wash your face with micellar water, you only wipe impurities from the surface of the skin. They then begin to accumulate in the pores, resulting in increased sebum secretion and acne breakouts. Therefore, you cannot confuse micellar water with tonic and use them interchangeably. These are cosmetics with a completely different effect.

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