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The Ministry of Finance has put Key-Drop on the “blacklist”.  Favorite streamer site blocked

The Ministry of Finance has put Key-Drop on the “blacklist”. Favorite streamer site blocked

The Key-Drop website, popular among some YouTubers, has been blacklisted by the Ministry of Finance. The ministry found that the website offered gambling services and violated the regulations in force in Poland.

The Key-Drop website offered gambling games in which you could win additional items available in the game Counter-Strike 2. These are mainly the so-called skins that allow you to better personalize your character in the game. The principle of operation of the website was similar to online casinos, except that the currency was virtual items.

Key-Drop site blocked. The Ministry of Finance put it on the “blacklist”

On Monday, the website was listed on the so-called blacklist of the Ministry of Finance, i.e. to the Register of Domains Used to Offer Gambling Games in Contrary to the Resolution. Along with the website, several other websites related to the service have been entered, including: and Currently, it is no longer possible to enter any of them. When you try to open the link, you receive a message stating that the site is unreachable.

The Ministry of Finance has put Keydrop on a ‘blacklist’. Favorite streamer site blocked photo: screenshot

As , the Ministry of Finance has been monitoring Key-Drop’s activities since August this year. Ultimately, it was found that the website was one of the websites offering online gambling services and violated the provisions of the Act. The above-mentioned skins that users won could be sold, earning significant amounts of money.

Key-Drop was very popular among YouTubers – including the most popular ones – streaming games on the Internet. Especially those dealing with Counter-Strike games. As Radio ZET reminds, some YouTubers spent amounts on the website amounting to several dozen thousand or even several million zlotys. in turn, the service’s logo even appeared on the walls during Fame MMA galas.

Due to Key-Drop being blacklisted, YouTubers will not be able to advertise the website on their channels.

Source: Gazeta

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