More than 30,000 people left their resumes to get one of the 600 jobs recently created by the expansion of Coral Hipermercados. There were so many people interested in a job at the job fair held on October 12 in Guayaquil.

The number of applicants was given by the executive president of GO Corp, Patricio Ortiz, during the inauguration of Coral Hipermercados de Los Ceibos and thus it was possible to quantify the crowd that filled the exterior of the Mall del Río shopping center a month ago.

20% of those looking for employment still do it with a map in hand and in person

Another Coral Hipermercados operates in Mall del Río and it was the site of a call for a job fair with vacancies for cashier, baker, customer service, butcher, hardware store and warehouse. It was so well received that the morning hours were revealed on social media with folders in hand. Some commented that there were people who came early in the morning to drop off their resumes.

Thousands of people attended the job call made last October by Coral Hipermercados in Mall del Río. Photo: taken from @chimarro92

The new Coral Hipermercados Los Ceibos opened this Monday, November 20, is the fifth location of the chain in Guayaquil, number 20 in the whole country and represents an investment of 9.5 million dollars. While Ortiz emphasized the importance of job creation, investment and government openness, he commented on what happened that day: “Obviously, we made a mistake (with) the fair that the Ministry of Labor asked us to do, the job fair, and we are very happy to support the public sector , remember that private companies have no shirt, no political tent, we needed 600 jobs,” he said.

An ad for a supermarket job gets a big response in a shopping center in the north of Guayaquil

The executive indicated that from experience for 600 vacancies, they usually receive applications from 2,000 to 3,000 people, which is a figure of “over 3,000 people”, but that they had a big surprise with this invitation. “More than 30,000 people, and 30,000 people got out of control, but we immediately had the support of the government,” he said.

The vice president of GO Corp., Juan Pablo Ortiz, told this newspaper that they employ between 600 and 800 people on each project.

According to GO Corp’s executive chairman, Patricia Ortiz, there are currently more than 10,000 group workers (working directly) and more than 40,000 indirectly and they are still “betting on continued job creation.”