In recent days, the country has witnessed agreements in the legislature between the government bench (ADN), the Civil Revolution and the Social Christians (PSC), along with other political forces, to name the bodies of the National Assembly, regarding the formation of various legislative commissions.

We have also witnessed statements by political leaders and current representatives in the National Assembly that they will not cross “red lines”, which in their opinion cannot be crossed for the good of the country.

Political pacts today in Ecuador have self-imposed limits – red lines – which, by the way, must be respected in times of crisis like the current one, where what must be imposed is a legislative program with a pronounced social and economic pact in it. half.

And what do I mean by social and economic pact? What I am referring to is the consensus that must exist among the major actors in the country in order to establish the measures that guide the economic and social policies of the nation. In other words, the economic social pact must be transformed into an agreement between different social actors in the country, such as the Government, the National Assembly and other interest groups, in order to work together to achieve common economic and social goals that must necessarily include measures to improve employment , education, health, housing and other aspects such as, for example, social security, citizen security, the environment and the physical and mental health of Ecuadorians.

Any other kind of agenda: political calculation for the 2025 elections; that of hatred and persecution without any legal or legal reason to justify it; the one who wants to get rich in the 16 months that this Government and legislation will have; etc., should not be accepted by the citizens of this country or by a free and independent press or any decent businessman or political, social or economic actor.

In an indebted and insecure country like we currently have, it would be despicable to find ourselves again in a new and painful legislative circus like we had with the previous convocation of the National Assembly. I hope that the current legislative body, chaired by Henry Kronfle – a businessman and a skilled political negotiator – will not fall into that tyranny of indignity, intellectual poverty and corruption that were the triggers of the crusade’s death.

We wish the President of the Republic Daniel Noboa and the current President of the National Assembly as much success as possible. The first with little political experience, but with the desire to do the right thing, and the second, wise and intelligent, who can help open the space for a serious, cordial and ongoing dialogue with the executive with the aim of approving the legislative and economic reforms that the country needs during this short presidential period. The country will not be reborn with political pacts, but with joint social and economic programs that will enable it to get out of the painful situation it is in. (OR)