Technology companies that have spent decades amassing and exercising their power on the Internet are facing lawsuits for the first time over their anti-competitive practices. USA has pointed out several companies it accuses monopoliesand has filed landmark lawsuits against him.

amazonthe virtual store that is also a streaming of music, series and films, is one of the companies being sued by the United States.

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Another company recently accused is Googlingwhich was born as a search engine at the dawn of the Internet, but currently deals with digital advertising, artificial intelligence, softwareamong other things.

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Google logo on one of the buildings in the Googleplex, the company’s main campus in Silicon Valley. Photo: Shutterstock

Both companies not only have several lines of their own technological devices, but are also facing lawsuits filed by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and on Justice.

They are responsible for consciously establishing dominance in their territory, reaching the majority of users and setting the rules for their competitors.

In the case of Amazon, sellers and distributors who want to offer their products on their website must use the lowest prices on the market. In fact, They are punished if they offer discounts in virtual stores other than Amazon.

This company also sells its own products, under the Amazon brand, becoming competition for sellers using the virtual store. Amazon would have privileged access to sales information to position their products above the competition.

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According to the FTC, Amazon requires sellers on its platform to purchase the company’s internal logistics services to ensure best-seller benefits. In this waysellers have no choice but to accept and become dependent on Amazon.

Google, on the other hand, is accused of it abuse your dominant position on the Internet. The Department of Justice has indicated that Google is standing its ground anti-competitive and exclusive distribution agreements that block default search positions in browsers, mobile phones, computers and other devices.

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The company pays millions of dollars a year to achieve that privileged position.

Google has stated that the reason users prefer Google is out of their own free will, not because of manipulation, but because of their own merit.

The future of the technology industry

Due to a lack of regulation, tech companies have enjoyed a kind of free will on the Internet for years. But now that they are under public control, countries can settle rules so that these digital services operate ethically and consider the benefit of their users.

“This case has to do with the future of the Internet,” said Justice Department prosecutor Kenneth Dintzer.

These cases are expected to mark a milestone for the technology industry and pave the way for subsequent companies. (JO)