The following season, and the first of its kind, of Masterchef Celebrity Ecuador (Teleamazonas) has already stepped on the gas pedal. On the night of Monday, October 2, the production reality show of amateur cooking has confirmed the premiere date, and the contestants and judges of the competition have been sharing behind-the-scenes footage for weeks, as well as the experiences of their colleagues.

The last of the participants who showed his time in the competition is the singer of Guayaquil Daniel Betancourt. In the Instagram carousel, with five photos, the singer-songwriter shows which moments of this experience were the most important to him.

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The first picture shows a close-up of the performer, who is allegedly filming one of the famous challenges of the cooking show. The artist also keeps recordings of his arrival in Bogotá (where Show), as well as experiences with his 22 companions, at the airport in the Colombian capital and enjoying dinners in the house where they live while the recordings last.

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The funniest part publish is the material at the end of the carousel. This is a video where Daniel compares the notes of the recipes they prepare in each challenge. In the recording, it was his colleague José Andrés Caballero who took notes in a more orderly manner. Despite this, Daniel Betancourth’s notes and drawings won him the sympathy of his followers.

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MasterChef Celebrity Ecuador premiere on Monday, November 20, on signal Teleamazonas. This first edition will also feature Nancy Ruales, actor Danilo Carrera, actor José Andrés Caballero, director and YouTuber Raúl Santana (also known as Chichico), singer and songwriter Nikki Mackliff, journalist and television host Paty Terán, actress and content creator Gigi Mieles , television and radio producer Jalal Dubois, actor Andrés Crespo, actress Juana Guarderas, presenter and politician Macarena Valarezo and YouTuber Anthony Swag, among others. (AND)