A suspect was arrested on Friday in connection with the murder American rapper Tupac Shakurwho was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996, a senior law enforcement official confirmed today.

The suspect is currently being booked, the official said. The costs are expected to be announced on Friday afternoon.

According to reports from the AP news agency, he is one of the last living witnesses to the murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996. Duane “Keffe D” Davis was arrested early this Friday on suspicion of murder.

Police had been targeting Davis for months when officers raided his wife’s home in the city of Henderson, near Las Vegas, on July 17. The documents stated that police were looking for items “related to the murder of Tupac Shakur,” according to the AP.

After years without progress in the case, Las Vegas police last July searched the home of Paula Clemons, Davis’ wife and who had alleged on multiple occasions that her cousin Orlando Anderson was involved in the artist’s murder.

Anderson repeatedly denied responsibility for the murder, and two years after Shakur’s death, he was killed in an inter-gang shootout.

The author of “Hit ‘Em Up” was murdered at the age of 25 after leaving a boxing match at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas after being struck several times by a vehicle.

During the search, police officers seized a computer hard drive, cell phones, several .40 caliber bullets, a copy of Vibe magazine featuring Tupac and boxes of old photos.

He The murder of actor and rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur has frustrated investigators and fascinated the public since the hip-hop icon was killed Recorded 27 years ago in Las Vegas.

Davis revealed his connection to Shakur’s 2018 murder in the Netflix documentary “Unsolved: The Tupac and Biggie Murders” and in a book he published in 2019. He indicated he was in the car with the gunman who killed Shakur. Tupac. (JO)