In his first entry EcuadorJapanese singers Yumi Matsuzawa and Takayoshi Tanimoto visited Guayaquil as part of the received invitation to participate in Budokan 2023. Artists from anise (named after anime songs) will sing this weekend, Yumi Matsuzawa will do so this Saturday September 30 and Takayoshi Tanimoto they will give theirs Show this Sunday, October 1.

While the day of the concert is coming for everyone, the performers take advantage of their stay in the city from Wednesday, September 27, to tour its symbols.

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Yumi allowed herself to be photographed in the Seminario Park, better known as the Iguana Park, in the center of the city, at the foot of the Cathedral. “I really liked the iguanas,” the singer said in precise Spanish during a press conference for the event, which took place on the morning of this Friday, September 29.

Together with Takayoshi, foreigners also toured Samborondón Historical Park, where they got to know the old houses from the beginning of the last century, as well as the fauna in the area of ​​the zoo. More photos of their walk were recorded there, which they both uploaded to social networks; They can also be seen on the event account (@budokanec). (AND)

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