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Instead of hair, use on cuticles near nails.  You will get rid of burrs in no time

Instead of hair, use on cuticles near nails. You will get rid of burrs in no time

Dry, damaged, torn cuticles on the nails are a troublesome problem, both aesthetic and causing discomfort and pain. How to get rid of it once and for all? Instead of buying more cosmetics from the drugstore, choose products you probably already have.

Hands with beautifully filed and painted nails will not look nice if you do not also take care of the cuticles. Unfortunately, improper care, lack of moisturization and forgetting to wear gloves when cleaning make them dry, unsightly and also painful. How to deal with this?

Home treatment for chapped cuticles. They will disappear in a flash

If you are struggling with the problem of cracked, dry cuticles, you should focus on two aspects of hand care: moisturizing and oiling. Come to your aid an ampoule with vitamin A, which you just need to pierce and its contents massaged into the cuticles. In addition, you can also prepare a nourishing bath for your hands. Pour your favorite oil into a bowl, e.g. castor, coconut or olive oil, add a few drops of olive oil and honey. Mix everything and then soak your nails in them for about 20 minutes. You can also simply massage the mixture into the nail plate and cuticles overnight and wash it off in the morning. Not only will you soften the cuticles and stop the appearance of burrs, but you will also take care of the condition of your nails, which will be stronger, shiny and free from discoloration.

How to deal with dry cuticles? Instead of spending money, choose a hair cosmetic

If you want to quickly get rid of the problem, but you don’t have a special oil or cream at hand, you can use another cosmetic that will work equally effectively. An ordinary conditioner will come to your aid. Apply a little bit to each nail and then massage thoroughly into the entire nail plate and, above all, the cuticles. Wait a while until it is absorbed and, if necessary, wipe off excess product with a tissue. After a while, your cuticles will be much softer and nourished. The conditioner works as well as specialized oils and masks, so you can confidently use it.

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