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Tim Cook explained the purpose of the iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that his company’s devices are designed for the conscious consumption of information. The entrepreneur spoke about this in an interview with Bustle.

Commenting on the problem of mental illness, Cook noted that his company promotes the idea of ​​conscious consumption of information. According to him, earlier Apple released the “Screen Time” function, which controls the time spent on the iPhone, Mac or iPad. “We are against senseless scrolling,” – said the head of Apple, hinting at the habits of users to spend time studying social networks.

“We tried to give people an accurate idea of ​​how much time they actually spend on their devices, because this is usually a lot more than they say,” explained Cook. According to the Apple executive, the purpose of gadgets is to enable people to interact productively with their devices. “We want people to do something with their devices, for example, put on exhibitions of photographs, communicate with family and friends using FaceTime. Not endless pointless scrolling, ”said Cook.

He summed up that technology should serve humanity, and not vice versa. “I’ve always worried too much about people using technology,” the Apple chief said.

Earlier, psychologist, writer and TV presenter Mikhail Khors said that the first step towards getting rid of Internet addiction should be the recognition of the problem. “If you cannot remove social networks, then draw a conclusion how dependent you are,” he advised the Russians.

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