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A branded drive has been released for the Xbox

Seagate has released an external drive for Xbox Series X / S consoles. This was reported on the company’s website.

The model is called Game Drive for Xbox and is designed to transfer games and other content from Microsoft consoles. The SSD is one terabyte when connected to the console via USB 3.2 Gen1. A separate power supply unit is not required for the device. The drive has a green backlight.

“With lightning-fast performance and one terabyte capacity, users will be able to amass a vast collection of games for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and all Xbox One models,” the company said.

The model is expected to be on sale in November. Game Drive is backed by a three-year warranty. The cost of a drive with a capacity of one terabyte is 13,899 rubles. The series also has a version with a capacity of four terabytes, but the cost of this accessory has not been disclosed.

Unlike the PlayStation 5, the onboard storage in the Xbox Series X / S can only be expanded with proprietary storage devices manufactured by Seagate. The cost of an expansion memory card with a capacity of one terabyte for Microsoft consoles is 19,399 rubles.

Since October 1, Microsoft’s new generation consoles have risen in price in Russia by about four thousand rubles. The cost of the flagship Series X console was 45,590 rubles, the budget Series S – 30,790 rubles.

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