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WhatsApp tricks: 5 functions that can help you have a better daily experience

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We present you a series of tricks that you may not have known that can help you have a better experience when using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world, is constantly growing in number of users, becoming an essential communication channel for millions of people.

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However, several people do not know some tips that can make you have a better experience with this application on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, we present you a series of tricks that can help you when connecting to WhatsApp:

Use WhatsApp on multiple devices without your main phone

WhatsApp is running a multi-device beta program, which is visible in the Settings> Linked Devices section. With this, WhatsApp users will be able to use complementary devices without keeping their phone connected.

One can link up to four devices to their account, which includes Whatsapp Web, WhatsApp desktop, and Facebook Portal devices, even when their main phone does not have an active internet connection. However, if the primary device remains offline for more than 14 days, the paired devices will automatically shut down.

Download all WhatsApp images directly to your PC

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If you have received a bunch of images on WhatsApp and you want to store them directly on your PC without going through any additional process, you can do so using WhatsApp Web. Just open WhatsApp web link on your PC or laptop and go to any chat. Click on the sender’s name or group name and the platform will show you the “media” section. After that, move the cursor over a photo, click the circle in the upper left corner, and then select all the photos, and with that you can download the images you want.

Send photos or videos to be viewed “one time only”

WhatsApp has a “See Once” feature, which basically disappears photos once the recipient opens it and exits the chat. This feature was launched in August this year and WhatsApp confirmed that any photos or videos you send using this feature will not be saved to the recipient’s photos or gallery.

However, you will have to select “View once” each time you want to send a photo or video under this mode. It should be noted that once it is reviewed, WhatsApp will not be able to show it again.

Manage notifications

There are times when you don’t want to see WhatsApp message notifications. You can do this by going to Settings> Notifications> turn off High Priority Notifications.

Once you deactivate it, your smartphone will not keep new messages that arrive at the top of the notification menu. You can also visit your phone’s settings section and disable WhatsApp notifications. After this, your device will never show WhatsApp notifications and you will have to open the application to check the messages.

Configure automatic download

By default, WhatsApp automatically downloads the images through your cellular connection. If you are in a group that sends a lot of unnecessary images and videos, you can disable the automatic download option to save storage space on your smartphone, which is better than cleaning the storage daily.

To set up automatic download of photos, videos or audio, simply go to WhatsApp> Settings> Storage & data> Automatic download. Here, you can choose when WhatsApp should automatically download the files. (I)

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