The screams did not wait and desperation gripped nearly 200 passengers of an Airbus A321-200 on the morning of this Friday, May 26, 2023.

Midway through the flight, with less than 10 minutes left to land, a person opened one of the doors of the Asiana Airlines plane.

Due to the fact, nine people have been hospitalized.

The chilling scene was captured on video. It shows “how the wind passed through the open door halfway through the flight and wildly waved the hair of the passengers,” describes the French news agency AFP.

About the shocking event, a representative of the Asian airline stated: “When the plane was at an altitude of about 200 meters, a passenger sitting at the emergency exit manually opened the door by touching the handle.”

Minutes of real panic on the run

The Airbus with 194 people left South Korea just before noon. Flight OZ8124 took passengers from Jeju Island to Daegu, a city in the southeast of the country.

Some people wanted to prevent that man from opening the door, but it was impossible for them. On the other hand, it was very easy for that man to open it and cause chaos.

Telemundo points out, citing news agency Yonhap, that there was fear on the plane. Panic broke out.

Several travelers developed breathing problems in such a situation. Among the passengers was “a group of adolescent athletes and some screaming and crying in panic”.

Other people had “severe earaches after opening the door. Some cabin crew called for help (…)”, they expand.

The plane was finally able to land with everything and the door opened. Attention was quickly paid to the needy.

“Twelve people have been transferred to hospitals for treatment,” the Ministry of Transport reports, Telemundo reports.

Later, the AFP agency reported nine hospitalizations.

Man arrested for opening plane door

Those children on the plane, estimated to be about 50, were supposed to compete in a sports competition in Ulsan, 60 kilometers east of Daegu.

Both she and the adults are born again and will live out the rest of their days to tell the biggest scare caused by a man, apparently 30 years old.

Two passengers, seated near the emergency door, were wearing their seatbelts and holding on to the armrests, shuddering.

The agency tells AFP

“The passenger has been handed over to the police and is being questioned” to clarify his motives, Asiana added to AFP.

According to the aforementioned American chain, the man was “under suspicion of violating aviation security law”.

Citing the Ministry of Transport, he announced that “the law prohibits passengers from tampering with the exit doors and other equipment on board and establishes penalties of up to 10 years in prison.”