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The best makeup for brunettes?  These colors will emphasize beauty and cover up imperfections

The best makeup for brunettes? These colors will emphasize beauty and cover up imperfections

Well-chosen and carefully made make-up can perfectly emphasize facial features. It is very important to match the color and determine the type of beauty. What make-up suits brunettes? In their case, the eyes are the most important.

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Each make-up should be matched to the occasion and outfit. However, there are certain rules that are worth sticking to in the case of specific types of beauty. Make-up for brunettes will differ from make-up for blondes, because in the case of brunettes, make-up should be more expressive and matched to dark and eyebrows. The perfect makeup for brunettes is a strong eye frame, face contouring and nude lips.

Makeup for brunettes. Browns will emphasize your beauty

Brunettes should use eye shadows that emphasize the color of the iris. They will look good in shades of brown, green and purple. A smoky eye or eyeliner also suits this type of beauty. If you want to do an evening one, go for an eye with a golden shadow or nude colors, i.e. warm browns and coppers.

In addition, heavily mascaraed eyelashes and black eyeliner on the waterline. Also line the upper lash line with the pencil. This way you will optically thicken them. Bronzer for face contouring should be kept in a warm, peach shade. Then it will perfectly highlight the cheekbones and slim the nose.

How should a brunette wear makeup? An expressive eye is essential

The eyes make the biggest impression on brunettes and this is what you should focus on. Lips are best emphasized with a gloss or a bright lipstick. If you want to go crazy and paint your lips in a darker color, lipsticks in a burgundy shade, similar to the color of red wine, will be perfect.

In the case of brunettes, it is extremely important to choose the right color of the foundation. Avoid orange and too bright tones. You should match the color of the foundation to your neck and cleavage. Also, don’t forget about the highlighter. It should be champagne or gold-copper in color. It will beautifully illuminate your complexion and will harmonize well with the dark frame of the eyes.

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