We’re full! The Earth continues to rotate and no one has reported a “mass abduction” or the presence of any “aliens” after noon on this Friday, March 24.

There was no alien invasion. It was all part of the “prophecies” that a man claiming to be a “time traveler” calling himself Eno Alaric shot on TikTok.

This person came to put a date on his words: March 23, 2023.

Three prophecies of a tiktoker that have not come true

The world will soon end and a handful of people will “survive,” the fortune teller said, according to a network publication by Fernando Quezada, who introduces himself as a ufologist.

According to Alaric, those ‘survivors’ had to be ‘rescued’.

That was the first message he left, to add another prediction: a very hostile alien species is coming to restore the earth and to condemn he added: we will not win

The third prophecy was for the arrival of another alien species, whose world was ended by the enemies, “it will save some of us.”

To further raise the alarm or gain followers, he dared to say that “on March 23, 2023, some 8,000 people would be taken to another habitable planet.”

Prophecies and the Memory of Mafe Walker

What Eno Alaric did get were memes. In addition, his remarks reminded Colombian Mafe Walker, who from the pyramids of Mexico recorded himself speaking his supposed “foreign language”.


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Mafe Walker, the “expert” in alien language, gave a demonstration on TV

What happened in the early hours of Friday, March 24?

Early on Friday the 24th, meteorological experts reported that a “strong geomagnetic storm with an impressive northern lights” occurred in the early morning, such as the one between Idaho (United States) and Alberta (Canada).

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Meteorologist Luis Vargas posted on his Instagram account: “A severe geomagnetic storm (G4) was recorded this morning, the most intense for a long time. Northern lights are expected from a latitude of 45°.

In addition, possible effects on communication, satellite operations, including on the International Space Station.

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These auroras, of course, bear no relation to what the tiktoker expected from the prophecies.