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Gargamel hated the Smurfs, he hated the role.  He said that because of her “there is no life at all”

Gargamel hated the Smurfs, he hated the role. He said that because of her “there is no life at all”

Wies³aw Drzewicz always wanted to be an actor. He played in films, series, theater and radio plays. However, it was the role of the sorcerer Gargamel in “The Smurfs” that stuck with him the most. And, as he himself emphasized, it completely ruined his life.

He wanted to be an actor since he was a child. In 1948, he graduated from the Krakow theater school. After graduation, he played mainly in theaters. However, it was not easy for him to get the roles. He wore thick-lens glasses, and he had turned gray at a young age. Even his name bothered the directors. He reportedly ran out of one of the auditions, shouting at the director: And kiss my ass all of you. In the end, fate changed, although Drzewicz played mainly episodic roles. In 1976, he starred in Andrzej Wajda’s Man of Marble. In the following years, he performed in the films “Local Vision 1901”, “Golem”, “CK Dezerterzy” or “Dream”. He also appeared in cult series such as “Home”, “07 report” or “In the maze”. Despite many memorable roles, today he is associated primarily with one: Gargamel in “”.

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The role in “The Smurfs” stuck to him forever. Wiesław Drzewicz hated Gargamel

For several years, Wiesław Drzewicz dubbed Gargamel in the Polish language version. Urszula Sierosławska, the director, persuaded him to play the role. As he himself repeatedly emphasized, the role in “The Smurfs” ruined his life. – Because of that mean Gargamel, I have no life at all. I can’t, for example, go to another city and pick up girls, because everyone would immediately know that I was there – in one of the interviews. The children would accost him on the street and ask where Klakier was. Although he often spoke about it with a distance, he also took the subject quite seriously. – This Gargamel is tormenting me – he admitted in a conversation that – I didn’t even have peace in the forest. When I went mushroom picking, people shouted after me: Gargamel, come here. I was always referred to as you, often with some vulgar expletives,” he added.

His voice could be heard not only in fairy tales. For years he was associated with the Polish Radio

The actor has repeatedly complained about the role that stuck to him until the end of his career. Despite the annoying situations, he tried to have good contact with children. After all, they adored him, and even Drzewicz himself in Trójka in the cult broadcast “Zagadkowa niedziela” asked them questions. He was associated with the Polish Radio for many years. He played in the cult “Matysiaki”, “W Jezioranach”. He has played 282 roles in the Theatre. The radio loved his distinctive voice.

He had a great sense of humor. He even joked about his illness

Viewers associate him as Gargamel, colleagues from the theater perfectly remembered his tendency to joke and play pranks. Drzewicz had a great sense of humor. – In the wardrobe, it happened that the matches lying in front of the mirror suddenly exploded or some screeching gadget fell out of the wardrobe, for example a farting pillow – Roman Kłosowski. Drzewicz even joked about his illness.

He was a heavy smoker. He smoked heavily all his life. He was finally diagnosed with lung cancer. In 1996, he was hospitalized. He died on New Year’s Eve in 1996.

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