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Two widow’s benefits?  There is a chance that the spouse’s pension will be paid twice

Two widow’s benefits? There is a chance that the spouse’s pension will be paid twice

The old-age pension after the husband, also called the widow’s old-age pension, is the colloquial name for the survivor’s pension due after the death of a spouse. However, collecting the benefit is not always beneficial, which is why not everyone decides to do so. It turns out that soon the situation may change.

or a widower, according to the current regulations, may receive their own pension or benefit after the deceased spouse. It is a family pension, which is colloquially called a widow’s pension and a husband’s pension. The person concerned can choose one benefit that will be more favorable for him. It turns out that this may soon change. The Left’s draft assumes changes that would allow two benefits to be granted. At what stage are the works and what would be the conditions?

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Married family pension. What conditions must be met?

According to the information published by the family pension, a widower may be entitled to either a widower who was married to the spouse until the death of his/her spouse, is over 50 years of age or is incapable of work, or:

  • brings up at least one child, grandchild or sibling of the spouse who is under the age of 16 or, in the case of school education, 18 years of age and is entitled to a survivor’s pension;
  • takes care of a child completely incapable of work and independent existence or completely incapable of work, entitled to a survivor’s pension;
  • is over 50 years old or has become incapable of work after the death of the spouse, but not later than 5 years from the death of the spouse or the cessation of raising children.

After the death of a spouse, a pensioner can decide whether he wants to continue collecting his benefit or receive a survivor’s pension after his spouse. This is 85% of the pension if it is to be drawn by only one person, 90% if it is drawn by two persons and 95% if it is to be drawn by at least 3 persons.

Double pension after marriage. The project of the Left assumes changes

Last year, the Left proposed the “Widow’s Pension” bill, which would provide widowers with two benefits – theirs and their spouse’s. However, percentage limits would apply. One pension would be taken in full and the other 50 percent. The pensioner himself would decide which of them he would like to receive in full. So there would be two variants:

  • keeping your own benefit and receiving 50 percent of your spouse’s benefit;
  • receiving a spousal benefit and 50 percent of your own old pension.

The Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, issued a decision on accepting the notification on the establishment of the Civic Initiative Committee. In order for the bill to be presented at a session of the Sejm, the Left must collect at least 100,000 signatures within three months from that date. So there is little time left.

Source: Gazeta

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