A month ago, two young Peruvians got engaged, who came together with an unusual proposal, like a movie, as described by those who watched the handshake video he posted April on your TikTok account, @badbarbieale_April.

The scenario was like this: on February 25, a young man was riding a motorcycle with a group of people on the streets of Lima, but a few moments later he fell to the ground pretending to be an accident. His girlfriend, who was there, ran to help him, very worried, she knelt on the floor asking him to react, minutes passed and he didn’t get up. What she didn’t expect was that he was fully aware and even had a plan in hand.

After making her suffer, the young man woke up unharmed and took out the box he had hidden along with the ring, and proposed. Unbelievable and somewhat relieved, she quickly realized what was happening, they had just proposed to her. Aprilwho was on the site and is part of a group of bikers, wrote: “He said yes!”, happily ending the clip’s already more than five million viewers.


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♬ My good love – Mon Laferte

There was a bit of controversy in the comments section. Some were amazed by the young man’s romanticism and such a great gesture: “If you don’t ask me like this, I won’t get married” and “If you finish, I don’t believe in love anymore,” these users wrote.

On the other hand, those who thought it was pure “cinema” did not fail to express their opinion: “They do this to me and I don’t talk to them for a week.” For the user Letoška This was a bad move: “I wouldn’t like that joke because I already had to pick up my boyfriend from a motorcycle accident where he almost died, he’s fine now, thank God.”(AND)