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They propose that companies compensate users for the unforeseen cut off of water service

They propose that companies compensate users for the unforeseen cut off of water service

Congressman Elías Varas Meléndez, from the bench Bicentennial Peru, proposes that companies that provide potable water and sewerage services compensate users for deficiencies or unforeseen interruptions. It is pointed out that The user has the right to a refund of the payment made corresponding to the interrupted period and, in addition, it compensates him for the time in which he did not have the service.

The PL 4553 specifies that the National Superintendence of Sanitation Services (Sunass) must determine the form of calculation and conditions, and in which cases the compensation is made, for said task it will take into consideration the following: the minimum time of service failure , the value of the water consumption of one day of the affected user, the surcharges that arise due to the failure that occurred. Also the additional expenses or investments that the user has incurred to try to replace the water and/or sanitation service, establish the maximum admissible interruptions, among others.

In addition, the obligation of the provider companies to contract insurance for users is established, which cover situations of damage caused by failures or deficiencies in the provision, established in the contracts and in the consumer receipts.

Drinking water and sewage service providers are also obliged to have a platform through which users and providers can exchange information, and make communications or reports on breakdowns, damages, accidents and/or negligence that help providers respond in the shortest possible time to control the extent of the damage.

The initiative was presented on March 23, 2023 and is already in the Consumer Defense Commission for evaluation before going to plenary for debate and voting.

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