With absolute cold blood, a man, a dentist, killed his wife in Colorado, United States. There was no firearm or white at the murder. Nor physical strength. The victim has been poisoned.

The person indicated is James Toliver Craig, 45, who was arrested on Sunday, March 19, 2023.

Craig and Ángela had six children, Univisión reports. However, the dentist had a parallel relationship with another woman and staying with his lover was the heartless reason to get rid of Angela Craig.

This case was cleared up by the police in less than 4 days. A corporal was let loose and eventually betrayed.

Craig is provisionally charged premeditated homicide after his wife, 43-year-old Angela Craig, died after being hospitalized for severe headaches and dizziness, the Aurora, Colorado, police reported and reviewed CNN en Español on the 23rd of this month.

Angela had gone to the emergency room twice in the past month. He had felt dizzy.

When she went to the medical center for the third time, she had a severe seizure, was put on a ventilator and shortly after was declared medically brain dead.

Her husband had taken her to the emergency room. On the night of Wednesday, March 15, the woman again had that feeling of dizziness and intense headache.

suspicious death

The death was suspicious and detectives from the Major Crimes Homicide Unit entered the case to investigate, the Aurora Police Department reported.

The investigation revealed that the victim had been poisoned. As a result, a warrant for his first-degree murder was obtained early Sunday morning.

How he poisoned his wife

The dentist is accused of poisoning his wife “by allegedly putting arsenic in the protein shakes she drank while exercising.

In addition, according to the US News Network, James Toliver Craig “performed a series of suspicious searches on the Internet in the weeks leading up to his death”.

How To Make Poison, Undetectable Poisons And How Many Grams Of Pure Arsenic Will Kill A Human, He Would Have Asked Web Browser, According To Arrest Warrant Affidavit

The consultations were also allegedly made on YouTube, while he was in his dental office. The drugstore ordered it online.

Authorities claim that on March 6 “Craig mixed arsenic in one of the protein drinks he made for his wife.

The woman survived the booze and Craig potassium cyanide ordered and told the supplier he needed it for surgery,” explains El Diario NY.

Detectives note that James Craig “showed intent and intent to end his wife’s life by seeking ways to kill someone undetected, provide toxins consistent with her hospital symptoms, and work toward a new life” with another woman, says the affidavit.

The lover is said to be an orthodontist, who they say traveled with Craig a few times.

The dentist aroused suspicion

Well, they say there is no perfect crime and the dentist left a loose end.

According to El Diario NY, a dentist’s colleague identified as Ryan Redfearn told a nurse that “the dentist ordered potassium cyanide, even though it’s not necessary for dental procedures.”

Police acted quickly, describing this murder as “gruesome, complex and calculated”.