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How to know what my debt report and credit score is in Infocorp?

How to know what my debt report and credit score is in Infocorp?

Knowing the debt report can help you improve the way in which you spend your money because you will know how the banks and institutions that can offer you loans see you. This is produced by Infocorp; However, in its database, not only debtors appear, but all Peruvians over 18 years of age, even if they do not have any debt. All this information is based on data provided by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFPs (SBS) and by sources such as non-regulated banks, service companies, commercial and microfinance companies.

How do I know if I am in Infocorp?

This is a common question among people and the fact is that all Peruvians over the age of 18 are in their database. What a person should know is what their credit history is, whether it is positive or negative. This information can be reviewed in the debt report offered by Infocorp.

How to request my debt report?

To request the debt report, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Go to the Equifax website.
  2. Choose if you are going to acquire your report or that of a third party (person or company).
  3. Enter your type and number of document, your address and the email in which you will receive the report.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Continue.
  5. Once your data has been validated, you can make the payment for the report. The cost is S/29.90.
  6. Your report will appear in the email you provided.

However, according to Alejandra Palomino, manager of the People channel at Equifax Peru, there is a free version with which you can find out your credit score. She mentions that this report “is one of the most important tools when granting a loan, since it not only indicates how you have been paying the debts to both banks and private companies, but also the way in which, through the score Infocorp, you can predict what your behavior will be the following year. A good score added to a history of payments on time makes you a good candidate for a loan,” the spokesperson said.

How to request your credit score?

This can be requested for free through three channels:

  • Through its web portal:
  • Through its physical store located at Av. Rivera Navarrete 849, San Isidro
  • Through the call center: (01) 415-0330

How can you improve your credit history?

To improve your credit history, Palomino points out that, first, you must find out if you have any debt with an entity. If yes, you must comply with it or, failing that, refinance it. After that, you will have to commit to all payments within the date in a constant manner that, from the third month, will improve.

How to manage your debts if you are an entrepreneur?

When setting up your small business, one does not usually have full capital, but rather an initial one. For this reason, they usually request a loan, but, to prevent this from becoming a problem and not end up sinking your business, Javier Mori, Equifax’s legal manager, offers some advice to cope with this situation.

  • Know your debt: this is not only with respect to banking entities, but also with basic services such as electricity and water, or taxes. In addition, you must pay everything on time and not sink in interest.
  • Identify your ability to pay: before contracting a debt, find out how much your income is and if it is fixed or varies each time, as well as how much you are willing to pay to find your best strategy.
  • Avoid going into more debt: be cautious with unnecessary expenses or with trying to get out of a debt by contracting a bigger one. For example, when you use a credit card to pay another. As small as it is, it all adds up. All this indicates that it is only necessary to request a loan when it is vital.
  • Plan and cut your expenses: always keep your payment dates in mind. If possible, pay your installments before the date and, in this way, you will not be in the limit. Also, if possible, reduce your expenses so that you can get out of debt as soon as possible.
  • It has an emergency plan: despite the fact that it is complicated, it is always good to have a contingency fund to cover emergencies or, failing that, pay debts when your income does not allow it.

Source: Larepublica

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