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Ways to properly warm up a frozen smartphone

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Evgeny Kashkin, associate professor of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems at RTU MIREA, said that using a smartphone in the cold reduces its service life and named ways to properly warm up a frozen device. This was reported by the Prime agency.

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First of all, the vulnerability of gadgets is associated with their battery, since the principle of operation is based on an electrochemical reaction. When the temperature drops, the processes inside the battery slow down, but the discharge is accelerated. This problem can be solved by reducing power consumption, for example, by turning off unused functions, the expert explained.

For a smartphone, condensation and humidity are dangerous, which appears when the temperature changes. “Since we are talking about an electronic device, such external factors can be critical for it, up to and including failure. It is recommended to use special protective silicone covers. Due to its low thermal conductivity, silicone will minimize the temperature difference between the smartphone and the environment, and hence the formation of condensation, ”Kashkin warned.

He added that the material from which the body is made is also important. So, cheaper ones can harden in the cold and deform, as the loads become critical. The specialist advised, when returning to a warm room, not to immediately put the device on charge, it must be kept switched on for half an hour to warm up to room temperature.

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Kashkin concluded that using a smartphone in cold weather reduces its lifespan, so it’s better to carry gadgets in your inner pockets outdoors, and use a headset and smart watch to talk and view notifications.

Earlier, Sergey Kuzmenko, a senior specialist in testing digital products of Roskachestvo, recalled that it is dangerous to use a smartphone with an old or swollen battery. He warned users against using smartphones, the battery of which is significantly worn out. The specialist called the risk of fire and even explosion as the main danger of such devices.

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