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Equip yourself with these gadgets for the return of teleworking

Telecommuting It has become one more option, since the pandemic had to come so that many jobs could be developed remotely. When it comes to getting down to work, it is always advisable to surround yourself with the best accessories that will allow you to be more productive and efficient. These are the most interesting articles when it comes to getting in front of the computer and that teleworking is not a problem.

4 useful gadgets to telecommute better

Adaptador USB C a Ethernet

It is a small adapter that is quite inexpensive and with good performance. Depending on the area of ​​your home where you go to work, the Wi-Fi signal may not arrive correctly. Therefore, if you have the possibility of connecting by cable, you will not suffer problems or signal loss again. It has a USB C male input, which is the one that Apple laptops bring by default, although it is already practically a standard for any computer, and can also be used in some tablets. For less than € 19 you can find it on Amazon.

Aluminum portable stand

Who is using a laptop are probably not adopting the correct posture. To avoid this, this lightweight aluminum support is a very effective element for have your hands well placed, and make your wrists do not fatigue. Best of all, when folded it hardly takes up anything, and its light weight of 420 g will allow you to take it anywhere. A great opportunity to ensure your health for less than € 26 and that you can buy on Amazon.

Wireless headphones HiTune T2

If you are looking for the balance between comfortable headphones, what proportion of sound and allows you to answer your calls without having to stop working, this proposal from the manufacturer UGREEN is very suitable. It is something quite unusual for devices in this price range, and that you can buy on Amazon for less than € 45. Very similar in design to AirPods, with only 15 minutes of charging you have 1 hour of operation.

Office chair NOBLEWELL

To telework well from home, it is essential to have a good seat. Discard the idea of ​​using the dining room chair or any other, since for less than € 90 you have this fully adjustable and ergonomic office model. Avoiding back pain is essential to be able to continue with the rhythm of work. Adjustable in height, it protects the lower back well and supports up to 150 kilos of weight.

If in a few days you are definitely going to take the step to telecommuting, these are some of the useful accessories that you should keep in mind.

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