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Guardiola forgets Kane and points to Cristiano

Nothing is impossible in this summer transfer market. After getting that Leo messi and Sergio Ramos shared a dressing room at Paris Saint-Germain, the last week of the transfer window could achieve something that seemed unattainable: see Pep Guardiola directing Cristiano Ronaldo. Those who were close enemies years ago in the League could coincide in the Manchester City, a club that could take the Portuguese Juventus from Turin.

In early summer, everything seemed to indicate that the Manchester City would close the transfer of Harry Kane. However, the negotiations cooled down and the English striker has already confirmed on his social networks that he will continue one more year in the Tottenham. “I will stay this summer and I am 100% focused on helping the team achieve their goals,” published the striker, who had all the ballots to become the great summer signing of the team. Pep Guardiola.

Once the incorporation of Harry Kane, the option of signing Cristiano Ronaldo is stronger than ever. As the French newspaper has revealed The team, the environment of the Portuguese player is seen in the team of Pep Guardiola and will do everything possible to get him out of Juventus in Turin. The 7 asked not to start last weekend before the Udinense and his departure from Italy is closer than ever to being a reality. In fact, City do not have many options in the transfer market to shore up their forward beyond Ronaldo O Robert Lewandowski.

City wants to make room for him

At Manchester City have already chosen the two players who have to pack their bags to make room for Cristiano Ronaldo. Is about Bernardo silva and Aymeric Laporte, two men whose prominence in the English team has declined in recent months. Always according to information from The team, the City I would look very favorably on the sales of these two footballers to ensure the arrival of what for many is the best striker in the history of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo rush your options to get out of the Juventus of Turin. With a week to go before the transfer market closes, the Manchester City It is the team with the most options to take the Portuguese forward. Thus, Pep Guardiola would train one of his intimate enemies from his stage in the Barcelona.

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