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Do you want the PlayStation 5? Maybe you can get it more easily in September

The PS5 stock, the latest release of Sony, it’s troublesome since it came out last year. Good proof of this is that it is not possible to buy one in any establishment, since the units arrive with droppers. In addition, it is not possible to make any reservation to ensure it. However, this situation may take a turn shortly. This would end production problems and avoid situations such as views on second-hand platforms, with disproportionate resale prices.

What will Sony do to increase the stock of the PS5?

The PS5 has been difficult to find in stock since its launch in November 2020, in part due to the shortage of components such as semiconductors, and the company has not given an official estimate of when it expects supply to normalize.

«I don’t think demand will calm down this year and even though we insure a lot more devices and produce a lot more PlayStation 5 units next year, our supply could not keep up with demand.“Said CFO Hiroki Totoki.

Sony plans to buy back up to $ 1.8 billion of its own shares after posting a profit for the March quarter that fell short of analyst estimates. Foresee that the operating profit falls by about 4% andn the current fiscal year, but analysts have been weighing whether the company could outperform the conservative outlook with the help of strong demand for the new console and games.

Sony’s move to end the lack of stock

A rumor is running through social networks that the company is going to launch a new version of the PS5, weighing 300 grams less than the current one and that has been baptized as CFI-1100B01. It would be a model that does not have a disk, and that by having some different pieces that are easier to find and produce, it could flood the stores of the shops with this again.

In any case, it is still a strange move, since the console that is currently most in demand is the one with Blu-Ray. In any case, there may be news during the month of September, confirmed or not by Sony. If it is perceived an increase in PS5 stock and that there are no supply problems again, it is that this play has gone well for them.

Demand will remain high regardless of the Covid-19 situation, the CFO assured an analyst, who was suspicious of Sony’s ability to take full advantage of the rise in home entertainment brought on by the pandemic.

«We’ve sold over 100 million units of the PlayStation 4 and considering our market share and reputation, I can’t imagine demand falling easily.».

Still, the company’s latest earnings report suggests that demand for the consoles is stabilizing. Monthly Active Users of PlayStation Network fell to 109 million at the end of the January-March period, compared to 114 million in the previous quarter, and that sales of complete sets also decreased in the period compared to the previous year.

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