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Unique iPhone with USB-C sold for six million rubles

Apple smartphone with USB-C connector was sold at auction for several million rubles. This follows from the information on the eBay website.

On the lot page it is reported that the auction closed after a bid of 86 thousand dollars, or about six million rubles. A total of 116 bets were made. At the same time, the starting price of the unique iPhone was only one dollar. The name of the buyer of the device was not disclosed.

The editorial office of Gizmodo learned that an anonymous buyer made an offer in the form of one million dollars. However, the Swiss enthusiast who put the iPhone up for sale did not accept the bid as he thought it was a troll. “The interest in the auction suggests that users really want to see Apple smartphones with a USB-C connector,” the journalists noted.

An Apple smartphone with a USB-C connector was created by Swiss robotics student Ken Pillonel this fall. In November, the specialist decided to put the device up for auction, at the same time publishing the instructions according to which anyone can install a new physical interface on their iPhone.

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