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Cieszyñski reacts to Gazeta.pl’s text. The expert enumerated our weaknesses in the tender for laptops

In September, by the government’s decision, 370,000 4th grade students are to receive laptops. The tender for the purchase of equipment is underway.

– We want this equipment to be the same, because the school should be a school of equal opportunities. It should not be that the one who has more affluent parents has better equipment, and the others either do not have a computer at all or have a worse model, explained Janusz Cieszyński, government representative for cybersecurity in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

– This could end up being a repeat of another show. It’s about computers for children from former state-owned farms. It quickly turned out that pawnshops are filling up with this equipment – commented a few days ago in an interview with Gazeta.pl journalist Robert Kędzierski, the president of the Polish Information Technology Society, Wiesław Paluszyński.

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The expert also referred to the detailed specification of laptops indicated in the tender documents. It was indicated, among others, that the processor should score at least “1100 points in the CrossMark test”.

In the trade press, the main allegations concern this parameter. Intel processors are the best in the ranking. AMD’s chips – quite powerful – fare worse in this particular test, although in the twin UL Benchmark PCMark 10 ranking, Intel’s competition fares much better.

As a result, the 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor, launched in 2021, loses to the year-old Core i3-1115G4 system, which has only two cores.

– The industry has been working on the recommendations of the Public Procurement Office regarding the purchase of computer equipment for quite a long time. She indicated specific benchmarks that the equipment should meet. I would like these recommendations to be reflected in the specification included in the tender for laptops for students. And it seems that this is not the case – Wiesław Paluszyński told journalist Robert Kędzierski.

He noted that “the specification should be at least the same as in the recommendations or better. Not worse.”

The situation is also surprising for another reason. It would seem that the equipment ordered for students should meet the requirements of the regulation published by the Ministry of Education, which describes the minimum requirements for equipment applicable in schools. The specification announced by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister does not refer to this regulation. It’s as if there was no agreement between the Chancellery and the Ministry of Education. This genuinely surprises me

he commented.

As Gazeta.pl’s interlocutor pointed out, the specification of the tender excludes some producers in advance.

– Tablets fell out of it, contrary to the regulation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. And also computers that are used to run applications in the cloud. Why is our country making this move? What is the substantive justification for this? We do not know – said the president of the PTI.

Janusz Cieszyński replies: I will not pass by it indifferently

Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity, Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Janusz Cieszyński, referred to the statement of the president of the Polish Information Technology Society in an open letter published on the government’s website.

“Your words reveal the superiority of a well-to-do metropolitan manager over those whom no one wanted to remember during the 30 years of transformation. You use stereotypes, untrue or manipulated information. I will not pass by indifferently” – said the secretary of state at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Cieszyński added that the statement about the equipment going to pawnshops “is a harmful, unfair and, above all, untrue thesis”.

You are whipping it over two hundred thousand young people and their families who received computer equipment under the Grants program of the PPGR. You accuse children and their relatives of pawning the equipment provided as part of government support, instead of using it for learning or playing. This accusation is doubly sad because it concerns a group that, for three decades after the statutory elimination of their jobs, did not receive adequate support from their state

– wrote the government plenipotentiary for cybersecurity.

Cieszyński “expects a public apology”

Cieszyński asked Paluszyński to provide information on all computers financed from government funds that ended up in pawnshops.

“If, as I presume, you do not have such information, I expect a public apology from you,” he added.

The secretary of state in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister also referred to other issues raised by Wiesław Paluszyński. He noted that the recommendations of the Public Procurement Office are not specific requirements for equipment, but “only a set of guidelines”.

The requirements imposed on the tender participants were also consulted with representatives of the industry, including organizations that participated in the preparation of the above-mentioned document. Recommendations. With this in mind, your statement that the specification set in the tender is worse than recommended by the President of PPO is untrue and shows signs of manipulation, because it suggests to the reader that the PPO guidelines indicate the minimum parameters of equipment

– wrote Janusz Cieszyński.

The politician also emphasized that the tender documentation “fully meets” the technical requirements contained in the regulation of the Ministry of Education.

The hardware requirements in the tender are even higher than the minimum recommended in the regulation, e.g. higher performance of the hardware unit and larger hard disk capacity. In addition, it is surprising that you question CrossMark as a standardized way to check your computer’s performance. It was the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, of which you are the vice-president, who recommended using this indicator as the optimal one for assessing processor performance

– added the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Janusz Cieszyński also accused the president of the Polish Information Technology Society of “manipulation”, claiming that “failure to meet the requirements of the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Science is the failure to include in the tender for laptops devices with completely different characteristics, such as browser laptops and tablets”.

“Meanwhile, the content of the KPO leaves no doubt that the purchase must concern laptops. It is worth adding that the quoted MEIN regulation clearly distinguishes these hardware categories” – he wrote.

“Thirdly, you accuse that the computer will not be equipped with the software necessary to use the security solutions of the National Educational Network. You omit the information that this software is available free of charge on the OSE website for all commonly used operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux )” – said the representative of the government.

“Mr. President, you have been operating in the field of state security and new technologies for 40 years. For many, you are an authority in the field of computerization. Due to this, I wrote each of the above words with sadness. It is a pity” – summed up Janusz Cieszyński.

Source: Gazeta


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