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Do you want to monetize on Instagram in 2023?  This is the number of followers you need to start

Do you want to monetize on Instagram in 2023? This is the number of followers you need to start

To earn money through Instagram, it is not always necessary to have thousands and thousands of followers. But it is important that some aspects are taken into account before focusing on some type of strategy to monetize through the Meta social network.

One of them is to make a “commitment” as an influencer and achieve the real goals of persuasion in order to earn money. This term gradually became a metric of royal influence.

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A clear example is that it will be useless to have 130,000 followers if their participation or interaction does not exceed three thousand people. Below 100 thousand is considered a “low impact commitment”.

Assume a “commitment” as an influencer and achieve the real objectives of persuasion in order to earn money. Photo: Istock

How many followers does it take to monetize on Instagram in 2023?

The important thing in this sense is to mention that there is no ideal number of followers or one defined by a manual, which guarantees this or that monetization through the platform. Influencers or brands are sometimes focused on very small themes and their ceiling can be 2,000 fans.

Another aspect to take into account in order to earn money through this social network of photographs and videos, is that it is best to settle in a “market niche”. This will determine that with an amount between 2,000 and 5,000 followers, brands can invest in an account to promote themselves.

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Instagram has become a disruptive force in e-commerce. It already has more than 100,000 million active users and the number does not stop growing. Photo: Istock

What happens in this sense is that, in broader or general niches, brands ask for more followers to advertise and thus the owner of the account will earn less money.

It should be emphasized then that it is not so much about the number of followers needed to monetize, but about the account owner knowing how to creatively apply tools such as reels and stories, to generate real interaction that allows them to earn money.

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You can sell any product that you produce yourself or buy from different suppliers. From dropshipping to print on demand and even stocking your own inventory. It all depends on you and your preferences. Photo: Istock


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