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When to prune apple trees? This is the last call if they are to grow profusely and healthily in the summer

Pruning fruit trees is one of the most important activities during care. Thanks to this, you will take care of their health and harvest better crops. This is especially worth doing in winter. How to properly prepare apple trees for spring?

When to prune fruit trees? Find out the best time

Apple trees can be pruned at different times. In autumn and summer, it is worth removing young shoots climbing upwards. Thanks to this, we will thin out the crown, which will positively affect its health. The most important shortening of branches, however, falls in winter. In the period from January to late March, it is worth shaping the arrangement of branches and making translucent cuts. It is best to form a spindle-shaped crown resembling a cone. This form is well lit, which accelerates the fruiting period. Moreover, thinned branches will not break under the weight of the fruit.

Also remember to get rid of diseased, crossing or growing branches with each pruning. Thanks to this, you will prevent the spread of the disease and prevent the emergence of new ones.

Learn how to prune an apple tree. Use the right tools

The key to proper pruning of apple trees is proper . Use pruning shears to shorten branches, and use two-handed shears or even a saw for thicker shoots. Choose a sunny day for the procedure. Never prune trees during rain or snow. Also remember to always cut the shoots at a slight angle, about 0.5 – 1 cm above the bud or branch.

Source: Gazeta


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