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Fraudsters pretend to be BNP Paribas.  One thousand zlotys for PESEL and name

Fraudsters pretend to be BNP Paribas. One thousand zlotys for PESEL and name

The KNF CSIRT team warns against another scam that has appeared on the web. Cybercriminals impersonate a large bank and offer a thousand zlotys for logging into the account. Their goal is to steal sensitive information and login details.

Fraudsters ask for PESEL and maiden name, and this is not the end

Fraudsters impersonate BNP Paribas bank and encourage on social media to enter the bank’s alleged (actually crafted) website. They also promise PLN 1,000 per account in exchange for logging into online banking and confirming your details.

The victim is asked to provide their PESEL number and mother’s maiden name, ostensibly to verify their identity by the bank. This can lull the vigilance of a potential victim, as similar verification questions are quite common. Next, criminals ask for login details for online banking.

Finally, scammers ask you to supposedly activate your device, which is supposed to be a prerequisite for receiving a cash prize. To do this, you need to enter the SMS code on the fake site. In fact, criminals can use these details to log into your bank account and wipe your account.

In order not to be fooled, it is worth carefully checking the appearance of the content of this type of messages appearing on the web. The fraud website actually refers to the image of BNP Paribas, but it is worth noting that it is not placed in the bank’s domain. An error in the advertisements (“PLN 1,000 on the internet card”) also catches the eye.

It is also best not to click on similar ads in social media at all, and verify information about potential promotions yourself. If a given bank on its website does not inform about the possibility of getting a thousand zlotys for logging in, you can guess that the advertisement is a scam.

Source: Gazeta

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