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Las Bambas will stop its production from February due to constant blockades

Las Bambas will stop its production from February due to constant blockades

Mining company will not be able to continue with production of copper. Progressive deceleration and evacuation of workers began.

Apurimac. the mining company MMG Las Bambas announced on Sunday that if the interruptions in transport as a result of the protests due to the serious crisis in the country persist, will not be able to continue with copper production as of Wednesday, February 1. Consequently, a period of care and maintenance will begin.

Now, the company began the progressive slowdown of the operation due to the shortage of supplies and to evacuate its workers.

In 2021, The operation was also interrupted by the blockades carried out by the communities located in Apurímac and Cusco. In April 2022, the blockades were repeated. For this reason, its production has been reduced. For example, in its 2021 annual report, The Bambas reported that it produced 290,097 tonnes of copper in 2021, 20,923 tonnes (7%) below 2020 due to “lower average grades and community roadblocks that led to a complete mine closure in December for approximately two weeks”.

According to the report of the Ministry of Energy and Minesfrom January to November of last year, the company made investments in its operation for 192 million 697 thousand dollars, which made it the sixth mining company with the highest investment in Peru.

He Institute of Mining Engineers It has expressed its concern about the situation, because it could jeopardize the employment of workers and the income from canons and royalties for the regions.

According to the information of the companies that are part of MMG Las Bambas offered to the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru, their contribution represents almost 1% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

Source: Larepublica

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