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New romance between the participants of ‘I’m the best’?  Find out who the ‘arrows’ are

New romance between the participants of ‘I’m the best’? Find out who the ‘arrows’ are

The most recent season of I’m the best (TC Television) apparently wants to be the most controversial and commented of all. The inauguration of the new installment of the reality dance, which summons as its contestants a variety of local talents, started by bringing together two ex-lovers on the dance floor, Yuribeth Cornejo and Juan del Valle. now a secret admirer has been revealed among the participants towards one of his companions.

Last week, prior to her birthday celebrated this weekend, the participant Angela Orellana they had been receiving flowers, like a large arrangement of sunflowers, and other kinds of details supposedly from a secret admirer.

Although the dancer reiterated her position of Not being interested at the moment in starting a new relationshipsince she recently just got out of one (whose breakup was reported by the media), she was called back to the set by the presenter Ronald Farina this time to face the unknown suitor.

According to Farina, the gallant had contacted the production to appear on the program and presumably declare himself to the contestant best known as Angelita. “We all know who it is except you.”, stressed Farina.

In the middle of the set, the hooded admirer appeared from the shadows, immediately revealing his identity. He was Ariel Zöllerone of the renowned twin brothers theater and television actors, and this season’s competitors.

“Ariel Zöller is Ángela Orellana’s secret admirer”, was read on the screen during today’s broadcast. Angela took the news passively, without fuss, apparently, while Ariel wore a big smile, presumably out of nerves. Angelita lowered her head to hide it in her hands and laugh at the moment.

“I admire you a lot and I told you from the beginning, in your final presentation (she was one of the finalists of the previous season)… I admire you so much on and off stage.… I wanted to see your reaction, it’s true that we don’t know each other very well… I respect your situation very much, I understand that… I wanted to give you these details, to see your reaction to see if something happened”, explained the interpreter.

The actor assured that he is single, despite the fact that he had been dating another person who he also admires a lot, he said, although he clarified that it did not become a relationship and therefore they are only friends.

Angelita perceived that Ariel was “nervous”even more than her, who was waiting.

“I had my slight suspicions… How cool that you had the courage to stand here.… I am very grateful for how nice you wanted to give me, but…”, expressed the contestant upon confirming that for now she does not want to get romantically involved with someone.

An applicant leaves the competition

In the round of tropical pop, one of the aspiring talents i am the best 2023 dropped out of the competition. It is one of the competitors of the public. Today Paola Luna had to leave, being the lowest rated of the week (23 votes). His partner Jaime Acosta (26) was saved, another one who has a low rating. They remain this week Víctor Vargas (33, taller); Ma. Fernanda Noriega (32), Ezequiel Méndez ‘Triky Punky’ (30) and Kenia Avilés (27).

Ezequiel danced today a choreography by coach Magno Camino, to the rhythm of kuduro danceby Don Omar. Although the judges Yadira Ramón, Francisco Pinoargotti and Samantha Gray agreed that he needs to work on the techniques and loosen his body, they said that the contestant is doing a good job by putting his personal stamp on his performances. The public gave him 8 votes out of 10.

This afternoon they also danced Maria Jose Blum and the couple formed by Yuribeth Cornejo and Juan del Valle.

With a number by Jacobo Olaya set with You burn me, by Chino & Nacho, Blum stood out with the best score of the day. “You are one of the dancerswith well-done tricks, well-done positions”, Pinoargotti told him, who evaluated him with 9. “It is the best leveled couple”, Ramón added when granting the secret ballot. Gray agreed with the judges, but stressed that the costumes did not favor the competitor.

Juan and Yuribeth performed a dance with the musical background of Don Juanby Fanny Lu, supposedly a song chosen in honor of her name, as Farina joked.

The jury celebrated the presentation of the ex-lovers, although they expected “more”, as Pinoargotti pointed out. Mafer García, choreographer of previous seasons and now a ‘VAR’ judge, added that despite the controversy that broke out between the two, both displayed great development on the track, although she demanded that in the next round, of romantic dances , they must kiss on the mouth, given the discomfort that Cornejo showed for the unexpected request. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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