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Complex and pioneering surgery in Malaga to reconstruct the penis of a boy who was born with only testicles

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The Santa Elena hospital of the Malaga municipality of Torremolinos welcomes this Wednesday the first intervention in Malaga to a baby due to congenital aphalia, a boy who was born with testicles, but without a penis.

The objective of this intervention is to build an artificial urethra, which will join the primitive urethra to finally create a penis. This surgery will be the first phase, so a second will have to be performed to complete the procedure.

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With time and the evolution of the patient, different interventions will be made until reaching adulthood with the aim of leading a normal life where can perform urination through the penis and be able to develop his erectile function, being able to have sexual relations.

This is a “very unusual” intervention, since one is given for every 30 million newborns and it will be carried out by Dr. Rafael Gosálbez, a specialist in pediatric urology who currently resides in Miami and develops his career at Miami Children’s Hospital, they have specified from the health center.

Gosálbez has traveled to the Torremolinos hospital to perform various interventions, among which is this urethral stricture (aphalia). The doctor and, in this case, coordinator María José Llamas, who has a Master’s degree in Pediatric Urology, will form part of the medical team; Drs Moisés Mieles, head of Pediatric Urology at the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga; and Javier Machuca, head of Urology at the Virgen de la Victoria Hospital in Malaga.

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Professors Antonio Recober and Adolfo Jiménez (collaborating teacher), anesthesiologists José María Laza and Sergio Ríos, and Dr. Manuel García Mérida, director of the School of Pediatric Urology of the College of Physicians, will also collaborate.

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