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Jabra Elite 5 vs Huawei FreeBuds 5i.  Clash of true wireless headphones for less than PLN 500 [TOPtech]

Jabra Elite 5 vs Huawei FreeBuds 5i. Clash of true wireless headphones for less than PLN 500 [TOPtech]


Jabra sticks to the design known from previous models of headphones from this manufacturer. Elite 5 are distinguished by minimalism and elegance. Huawei FreeBuds 5i, on the other hand, are painfully “airpods”, as evidenced by the characteristic legs popularized by Apple.

We operate both devices in a slightly different way. Huawei focused on touch panels, and Jabra on classic physical buttons. The latter solution will work better during training in the gym.

It is difficult to have any reservations about the quality of both devices. Cases in which we store and load our “fleas” also look good.

If you are looking for more discreet headphones, the Jabra model will be a better choice. If you like AirPods, then bet on FreeBuds 5i or on … AirPods. This round, the point goes to the Danes.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [1:0] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


Both devices are very light. In the case of Jabra, the weight of a single handset is 5 grams, and in the case of Huawei – 4.9 grams. When it comes to the convenience of use, I liked the FreeBuds 5i more. Using them was so comfortable that at times I forgot I had them in my ears.

In the case of the Elite 5, after about 2 hours of wearing, I began to feel a slight pain in the earlobes – no matter which set of silicone inserts I used. Of course, I realize that the fit of the headphones is an individual matter. Nevertheless, the winner of this round is FreeBudsy.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [1:1] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


The musical battle between Jabra and Huawei headphones is a clash of dynamics with neutrality. Elite 5 positively surprise with deep bass, bright midrange and clear and clear highs. The sound of the FreeBuds 5i is flatter, which also translates into a narrower stage.

Don’t get me wrong. Huawei headphones have their moments, but if I were to be guided solely by my personal preferences, I would definitely bet on the Jabra model.

When it comes to codec support, FreeBuds 5i offer us a full package. There is standard SBC, Apple AAC and LDAC. In the case of Elite 5, the latter standard will not be found, and owners of Android smartphones must be satisfied with the aptX codec from Qualcomm.

Although I give the Danes a small minus for the absence of LDAC, Jabra headphones win overall in this round.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [2:1] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


Both devices offer active noise reduction and transparent mode. In the Jabra Elite 5 model, as many as six microphones are responsible for ANC, while the FreeBuds 5i have two microphones.

And this difference can be heard … Or rather, you can’t hear it, because ANC is about cutting out ambient sounds, which Jabra headphones simply do much better with.

The Elite 5 are also more convincing during voice calls, which is also related to the already mentioned larger number of microphones. In the case of the FreeBuds 5i, the recorded voice is slightly less clear. In this round, the Jabra headphones are the clear winner.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [3:1] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


Elite 5 work with the Sound+ application. This is quite a useful tool that will allow us to update the headphone software, test their fit, use the equalizer or control the ANC level.

FreeBuds 5i do not have their own application, but they have their own tab in the Huawei AI Life app, in which we will find almost the same functions as in the case of Sound +. Both applications are clear and intuitive. So we have a draw this round.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [4:2] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


Both the Elite 5 and FreeBuds 5i offer about 6 to 7 hours of operation on a single battery charge with ANC on, or 22 to 25 hours if we add the capacity of the battery built into the case.

In this round, we would have a tie again, but ultimately the point goes to Jabra, when the Danes’ headphones – apart from charging “from the cable” – also offer a very useful wireless charging function.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [4:2] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


Huawei headphones are cheaper than their rival. FreeBuds 5i were priced at PLN 399, while we now have to pay PLN 100 more for Jabra Elite 5, with their price dropping significantly in recent months.

In the last round of our duel, the point must therefore go to Huawei, but this does not change the final result of our clash.

  • Jabra Elite 5 [5:3] Huawei FreeBuds 5i


There is no doubt that the overall Jabra Elite 5 are better headphones than Huawei’s “fleas”. They offer a more interesting design, better sound and voice chat quality, and better ANC.

Is the difference big enough to make it worth the $100 extra? In my opinion, yes, although it does not change the fact that – despite a few shortcomings – FreeBuds 5i are also very decent headphones.

Source: Gazeta

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