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Princess Kate in the color of 2023!  Class and elegance in one.  You can recreate such an outfit in a chain store

Princess Kate in the color of 2023! Class and elegance in one. You can recreate such an outfit in a chain store

For many people, Duchess Kate is an absolute style icon. Middleton is the essence of femininity and elegance. Recently, a member of the royal family wore the most fashionable color of 2023, i.e. magenta. This shade was chosen the color of the year by the Pantone institute, which has been the dictator of trends in this field for years. The Duchess opted for a simple styling in which she looks beautiful. You can be inspired by this composition and create a similar one with the help of well-known chain stores.

Kate Middleton styling. This shade will rule 2023

Kate Middleton was recently photographed in a styling based on a combination of black and extremely fashionable magenta. The outfit consisted of a close-fitting turtleneck, a simple coat, and black fabric pants. The Duchess wore gold earrings and a leather belt. The whole set is very classic and nothing prevents you from creating something similar yourself. If you are a fan of timeless elegance and want to emphasize your figure, Kate Middleton’s style is definitely for you.

Duchess style clothes available in chain stores. Tasteful and stylish

A coat similar to the one chosen by the Duchess can be found at Reserved. The model belongs to a limited edition. It is made of wool-based material. It has a wide, classic collar, flared sleeves and two side pockets. A tied belt has been added at the waist, which will beautifully emphasize the shape of the figure. Its color is close to the magenta that Duchess Kate chose.

Mohito offers several sweaters in shades of ru. The chain has a simple turtleneck with a looser cut than the one founded by Middleton. Mohito’s offer is eye-catching with a sweater in a jacquard pattern with a shiny thread. This interesting model will perfectly match the Reserved coat described above. Top it off with black pants, even jeans if you prefer a more casual style, and you’re done!

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