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A new leader among the richest clubs in the world.  A giant leap of 5 places

A new leader among the richest clubs in the world. A giant leap of 5 places

A new leader among the richest clubs in the world.  A giant leap of 5 places

topped the Deloitte Football Money League for the first time. The current England champions have become just the fourth club to ever make it to the top of Deloitte’s list of top soccer clubs in terms of revenue every year.

Three clubs with revenues over 600 million euros

City’s revenues of £ 571.1m (€ 644.9m) in 2020-21 saw The Citizens climb from sixth to first place in 2022. Their annual revenues have increased almost 45-fold since the first report covering the 1996-97 season. (EUR 640.7 million) came second and Bayern Munich (EUR 611.4 million) came third.

(EUR 582.1 million) fell to fourth place, and Manchester United (EUR 558 million) came fifth, the lowest they have ever held. The top ten also included (EUR 556.2 million), (EUR 550.4 million), Chelsea (EUR 493.1 million), Juventus (EUR 433.5 million) and Tottenham (EUR 406.2 million).

Pandemic and its impact on club revenues

Clubs from England dominated the top 20, with 11 teams from the top league. Wolverhampton was included in this for the first time in the history of the ranking, with revenues of just over 219 million euros.

Matchday revenues in the leagues have dropped to an all-time low of € 111 million, or 1% of total club revenues, due to the impact of playing matches behind closed doors during the coronavirus pandemic in Europe.

In total, the clubs in the top 10 report generated EUR 8.2 billion in revenue, an increase of less than one percent compared to 2019-20 and more than EUR 1 billion less than in 2018-19. Clubs lost well over € 2 billion in revenue in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clubs with the highest revenues for the previous season

  1. Manchester City – EUR 644.9 million
  2. Real Madrid – EUR 640.7 million
  3. Bayern Munich – EUR 611.4 million
  4. FC Barcelona – EUR 582.1 million
  5. Manchester United – EUR 558 million
  6. PSG – EUR 556.2 million
  7. Liverpool – 550.4 million euros
  8. Chelsea – EUR 493.1 million
  9. Juventus – € 433.5 million
  10. Tottenham – € 406.2 million
  11. Arsenal – EUR 366.5 million
  12. Borussia Dortmund – EUR 337.6 million
  13. Atletico Madrid – € 332.8 million
  14. Inter – EUR 330.9 million
  15. Leicester – EUR 255.5 million
  16. West Ham – EUR 221.5 million
  17. Wolverhampton – EUR 219.2 million
  18. Everton – € 218.1 million
  19. Zenit Saint Petersburg – EUR 212 million
  20. Aston Villa – 207.3 million euros

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