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The best movies of 2021.  Haven’t you seen?  Does not matter.  We advise what to make up for

The best movies of 2021. Haven’t you seen? Does not matter. We advise what to make up for

The best movies of 2021.  Haven’t you seen?  Does not matter.  We advise what to make up for

Cinema fans could not complain about boredom in 2021. They entered the screens, which for pandemic reasons could not be premiered in 2020. In the thicket of productions, we chose those that aroused the most emotions or are worth special attention. Here is a ranking of the best films of 2021.

The best movies of 2021. “Dune”

While the book version of “” is a world composed mainly of dialogues, the cinematic interpretation of Denis Villeneuve describes reality through images. Although it is a commercial film, it draws from artistic cinema in an accessible way. The director managed to daringly carry the content of the cult book by Frank Herbert, presenting it in a way that is extremely attractive to the contemporary viewer.

The best movies of 2021. “Because there is sex in me”

A biographical film about divided the audience and critics. Instead of a linear story about the road to fame, we got a picture that focused primarily on the mannerisms of the sex bomb of the -u era. This approach to the character of Jędrusik was handled brilliantly by Maria Dębska, who gave her spirit in every detail – from the intonation of her voice to the speech of the body.

The best movies of 2021. “Licorice Pizza”

Paul Thomas Anderson’s film takes us into the world of the 70s. Everything in this production agrees – from the cast (Alan Haim and Cooper Hoffman duo), through atmospheric music reflecting the spirit of the era, to a fascinating love story with a story about great cultural changes in the background.

The best movies of 2021. “CODA”

“CODA” is a film with an uncomplicated story about family ties, disability and the pursuit of one’s dreams. This somewhat banal, but also brilliantly told story captivates from the very beginning, attracting with its remarkable power of simplicity.

The best movies of 2021. “House of Gucci”

Although this is another film in the ranking that managed to divide the audience, it was undoubtedly one of the hottest premieres of 2021. Three decades of love, betrayal, revenge, and finally crime, described in more than two hours? An evening full of strong sensations guarantees just such a scenario. Great performances by Adam Driver and Al Pacino deserve attention here.

The best movies of 2021. “French Courier from Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun”

The name of Wes Anderson heralds the artistry of the director, the precision of the frame and the original stylization of the presented world. The master of cinema once again made a film that captivates with the originality of its characters and an unusual form, as befits a “Hollywood hipster”.

The best movies of 2021. “My wonderful life”

A bittersweet film by Łukasz Grzegorzek about a confrontation, disagreement and, as a result, coming to terms with one’s own fate. It is also the first major role in twelve years, which has managed to create one of the most interesting and non-uniform female characters of Polish cinema in recent years.

The best movies of 2021. “C’mon C’mon”

The film by “Debutants” creator Mike Mills is a story about human relationships. The director shows the complexity and non-obvious nature of family ties through the eyes of a child who is forced to live in a dysfunctional family.

The best movies of 2021. “Green Knight. Green Knight”

David Lowery, through the exploration of medieval chivalry myths, created a fascinating story not only about those times, but also today. It is a story about becoming a knight, creating masculinity, the power of narration and ecology.

The best movies of 2021. “Spencer”

“Spencer” seduces the viewer primarily with the game and the very approach to the biography of “the queen of human hearts”. Instead of sacralizing Diana or simply presenting her story in a linear fashion, the creators strip her of her royal robes, showing her primarily as a mother, a woman and, moreover, a human being.

What are the best movies of 2021? We are waiting for recommendations and recommendations.

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